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mis-sion-ary: People God calls to set aside personal ambitions in order to be Witnesses of the Gospel.  Childlike people who are "foolish" enough to trust God’s wisdom and His supernatural equipment.

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"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works,

and glorify your Father who is in heaven." ~ Matthew 5:16

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Our Family LOVES to Serve, Strengthen Families and
Share Christ's Legacy Together

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Our Family's yearly income (for a family of 8) comes solely from people like YOU who BELIEVE in our Family Ministry and then DONATE "Missionary Support" to help us Continue to MAKE BELIEVERS for the 'Cause of Christ' around the globe.


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~ PROVIDE Educational

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~ Invite, Follow and Join Our Story


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Adopt the Rolf Family as...

Adopt the Rolf Family as...

~ JOIN our Family Prayer Team

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~ GIVE Gift Cards/Groceries

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~ Family Ministry RV/Motorhome

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~ Family Ministry Housing

~ Financial Gifts for Growth


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Donate Today

Anthem, sharing Jesus with  little girls that asked, "What is a Bible?"

Our Family - Sharing the Gospel...

~ in 23 States, 4 Provinces

~ to over 4000 people in 2016

Upcoming Outreaches - 2018

Pray for us - & join us when you can

• Winter 2018: SE US (TN, AL, MS, FL, GA, MO) Mission Trip

• April: Community Legacy Rally

• April: Legacy Youth Institute Banquet

•Summer: Summer Ministry Trip

•September: 7th Year LYI - Branson - Champion Faith - Biblical Worldview

•September: Family Music Outreaches Branson area

•October: LYI - Champion Family

•Booking Fall: East Coast Mission Trip

•November: LYI - Champion Flag-serving our Veterans

•December: LYI - Champion Friends-serving local ministries

•December: Adoration Parade - Branson, MO

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